AFib and OSA

We had a patient who struggled with AFib. His cardiologist sent him home with a heart monitor. He then started treating his OSA. His AFib stopped until one afternoon he took a nap without using his pap, it triggered his AFib.

He was convinced that he had to use his pap every time he slept. For the next 90 days while monitoring his heart and using pap. He did not have another episode of AFib.

There is a definite correlation with OSA and heart problems it is vital to your health to use your pap every time you sleep, especially if struggling with heart disease.


By Jana Esparza, Teaching about sleep health

I have worked in the field of sleep medicine since 2007.

Quality sleep is quiet possibly the best gift nature has provided for us.

Totally addicted to people's reactions when they get to feel what "really" sleeping actually is like.

No words can describe the feeling that is felt when I am able to share with people what I have learned about sleep medicine, to see the small spark of hope light their eyes (or their partner's), as they start to believe, that maybe, just maybe, there might actually be a solution to the symptoms they have dealt with for most of their life.

That is only the beginning!

Now for the first time "quality of life" has a whole new definition!

Relationships are restored or are even considered!

I want to help you learn about sleep health (without putting you to sleep). by keeping it simple, relatable and entertaining.
Because it's a whole lot better to laugh than cry!!